At ImmenseDC, bringing awareness to the game is essential and paired with target audience influence is vital. The legacy approach of just being loud just doesn’t work anymore – especially with the gaming audience. Unique and meaningful connections that target audiences can adopt are necessary to not only active them but allow them to become ambassadors of your mission as well as influencers in their own right.

Our team is well positioned to drive positive influence for your brand and drive engagement.



With the ability to identify focused target audiences, the ImmenseDC team develops specific personas within the groups formulating a strategic activation plan that will drive engagement. We not only understand where they are (gamers and audience), we identify where they are in the purchasing lifecycle and create an environment around that insight and position/embed a brands expression with the gaming experience. Curation of touchpoints along the lifecycle is dynamic and supported by unique tactics and connections as needed. 

The ultimate goal is to be relevant at every interaction point while being natural and not feeling prescribed.



ImmeseDC understands that consumers will partake in a good experience but are not always willing to pay for it, which is expected. Understanding where their threshold and motivators are when it comes to a more profound experience is the key to monetization. Our team identifies the digital channels, paired with a brand expression that connects with consumers reveals the online, mobile, DOOH, connected TV and more that they are willing to pay quite a bit for.

Let our team drive new revenue options for your brand through extended experiences.